La Memoria di Medea

La memoria di Medea
Saturday 6 November at 20:30
Sunday 7 November at 17:00
Hangar Theatre

one-act opera by Stefano Sacher
libretto by Ugo Vicic

with Anna Viola, Massimiliano Švab,
Raffaele Prestinenzi, Nada Tavčar

director Stefano Sacher
direction and scenography by Jasmin Kovic
video by Sybil Calligaris
set construction Mario Leopoli
voice-over by Mery Bertòs
Amadeus Adriatic orchestra
production Associazione Mozart Italia (TS)
production assistant Vanessa Codutti

Initially devised by Ugo Vicic as a theatrical monologue, written for the great Triestine actress Lidia Coslovich, awarded a prize at an international chamber theatre competition and performed after the actress’s death at the Teatro Rossetti, directed by Paola Bonesi, “La memoria di Medea” became a chamber opera, with three characters and music by Stefano Sacher.
Of all the characters in the myth, Medea is one of the most disturbing. Infanticide, especially when committed by a mother, is the most terrible and distressing thing imaginable.
In this case Medea seems to forget, even though she wants to remember at all costs, the tragic act she has or would have committed and for which she is already condemned by all.
In Vicic’s writing, a surprising ending offers a different perspective on the myth and the character who, from Euripides to Christa Wolff, from Cherubini to Pasolini, has traversed the history of Western culture.
Winner of the competition for radio scripts organised by Radio Capodistria with the Italian Union and the publishing house EDIT in Rijeka, La memoria di Medea was staged as a one-act play with two characters by Livio Crevatin. Elvia Nacinovich subsequently performed it on the radio in its original monologue form, while Dora Di Mauro presented it at the Festival dell’Eccellenza Femminile in Genoa and staged it at the Sala Bartoli of the Rossetti Theatre in Trieste, directed by Paola Bonesi.

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